This is a city event where the real and virtual cross over, co-created by NAKED with Kyoto City, Kyoto Prefecture, Uji City, Otsu City, Shiga Prefecture, and the people who create Kyoto's famous places, traditions and culture.

Seasonal Themes


June to August


We would like not only tourists but also locals to have fun together, and because it is a place to welcome people from all over the world, we will start from JR Kyoto Station, the gateway to Kyoto. After that, there will be a summer festival where you can enjoy spectacular projection mapping fireworks at World Heritage Site Nijo Castle, and the clear stream of Nara no Ogawa at World Heritage site Kamigamo Shrine (official name: Kamowakeikazuchi Shrine), and Koshoji Temple in Uji. This is a lineup of events and projects where you can experience the charm of summer in Kyoto, such as the green leaves of Kotozaka.


September to November

Traditional Culture and Art

The "Kyoto Projection Mapping Contest'' will be held at the Kyoto City Hall Square to commemorate the opening of the autumn garden in order to create a stage where the next generation of creators can thrive. "NAKEDFLOWERS2023 Autumn World Heritage Site Nijo Castle", which has become a very popular annual event, will deliver a fantastic cherry blossom viewing event unique to autumn through autumn leaves and naked digital art. At the Grand Staircase of the JR Kyoto Station Building, there is a lineup of events and projects where you can experience the unique charm of Kyoto in autumn, including participatory art that transforms the tea ceremony experience into digital art.