Heian Jingu Shrine

NAKED YORU MO-DE 2023 Heian Jingu Shrine

Wrap up the year at Heian Jingu Shrine in an experience surrounded by light and art.


2023.11.30 - 2023.12.24

Final admission at 20:50



Important Cultural Property・Ōten-mon Gate


Every year, the Ōten-mon Gate, a designated Important Cultural Property, is illuminated in the popular YORU MO-DE style. The dynamic lighting that accentuates the architectural beauty enhances the vivid red and vermilion colors of this sacred gate of Heian Jingu Shrine.

Shrine Precincts


The shrine pavilions of Heian Jingu Shrine will be transformed into the world of YORU MO-DE with a mystical production of lights and sounds. The lights of the lanterns carried by visitors changes colors and echo off one another, enveloping the vast precincts of Heian Jingu Shrine with their glows.

Important Cultural Property・Daigoku-den

Interactive Art "Corridor of Light"

The Daigoku-den Hall, a designated Important Cultural Property, will be decorated with the "Corridor of Light," an interactive artwork of light. Colorful lanterns illuminate the long corridor of Daigoku-den, which will be open to the public exclusively for this event. When the NAKED Distance Lanterns® are placed on the pedestals, the projection mapping displays of the corridor transform in this interactive artwork.

Higashi Shin'en Garden: Scenic Spot・Shobikan

Projection Mapping & Autumn Foliage Light-Up

Projection mapping displays on the Shobikan—an iconic scenic spot of Heian Jingu Shrine—and the brilliant illuminations of the autumn leaves reflect on the surface of the water to present a beautiful garden scene.


Lantern Light-Up

The Taiheikaku, which straddles the Seiho Pond, is transformed into a path of light. Visitors are welcome to hang tanzaku (strips of paper with their wishes written on them) from the lanterns that illuminate this pathway. *Tanzakus are available for an additional fee.

NAKED Distance Lanterns®

Participatory and interactive art lanterns created by NAKED. Visitors can become a part of the surrounding art displays through the different patterns of light cast at their feet from the lanterns. Also available for this event are lanterns that change colors in sync with the surrounding displays for an added interactive experience. *Regular lantern: free rental / Interactive lantern: additional fee

Chōzuya of Light

This modern take on "chōzuya" water basins, used by shrine visitors to purify their hands and mouths before praying, incorporates colorful lights projected onto the users' palms as they mimick the practice.


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Event Overview/Access


NAKED YORU MO-DE 2023 Heian Jingu Shrine





Final admission at 20:50


Heian Jingu Shrine

97 Okazaki Nishitenno-cho, Sakyo-ku, Kyoto 606-8341

Admission Fees

*Sales of early bird tickets ended on Thursday, November 30th. Please purchase tickets at the on-the-day ticket prices.

<Early Bird Discounts>
【Mon.〜Thu.】Junior high school
students and older:1,600JPY Elementary School
【Fri.~ Sun. Holidays】Junior high school
students and older:2,000JPY Elementary School

<On the Day>
【Mon.〜Thu.】Junior high school
students and older:2,000JPY Elementary School
【Fri.~ Sun. Holidays】Junior high school
students and older:2,400JPY Elementary School

*Early bird tickets are available for purchase from Oct 27 (Fri)10:00 to Nov 30 (Thurs) 23:59 (JST)

*Please refrain from using monopods or tripods inside the venue.

*Pets are not allowed in the venue.

*Tickets are available from national ticket agencies (Ticket Pia, Lawson Ticket, eplus, CN PlayGuide, Seven Ticket, Rakuten Ticket, kkday, klook) and Seven Eleven, Lawsons, Family Mart, and Ministop stores nationwide. Please check details at the official website.

*Admission is free for children of preschool age and younger.

*Tickets are non-refundable and non-amendable except in the case of suspension or cancellation by the organizer.

*We will be regulating admissions depending on the congestion of the venue.

*Once the venue reaches maximum capacity, you may be denied entry regardless of whether you have purchased a ticket in advance. Additionally, we may limit the number of tickets sold at the venue on the day of the event.

*Final admission for this event is at 20:50. Depending on the status of the entry queue, admissions may close before 20:50. Please note that in such case, entry will not be allowed regardless of your ticket type.


■NAKED YORU MO-DE 2023 Heian Jingu Shrine Management Office


Service Available: Dec 1 (Fri) - Dec 25 (Mon)

Please refrain from contacting Heian Jingu Shrine regarding tickets to this event.

■From JR Kyoto Station
 City bus No. 5, No. 100, No. 110  Get off at "Okazaki Koen Bijutsukan / Heian Jingu-mae" bus stop.

■From Kawaramachi Station (Hankyu Line)
 City Bus No. 5, No. 46, No. 32  "Okazaki Koen Bijutsukan / Heian Jingu-mae" bus stop  "Okazaki Koen ROHM Theatre Kyoto / Miyakomesse-mae" bus stop.

■ Nearest train stations
 10-min walk from Higashiyama Station (Subway Tozai Line) or 15-min walk from Sanjo Station or Jingu-Marutamachi Station (Keihan Kamoto Line).


*About Parking
There is no parking at Heian Jingu Shrine.
We recommend that you come by public transportation or cab.


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Kyoto tower

Special Lighting Up of Kyoto Tower


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Hieizan Sakamoto Area

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2023.11.14 - 2023.12.02

Coming Soon

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Special Lighting Up of Historic site Odoi Momijien

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Ninna-ji Temple

Ninna-ji Temple Sea of Clouds Light-up

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