Former Imperial Villa Nijo-jo Castle

NAKED FLOWERS 2023 Autumn: World Heritage Site Nijo-jo Castle

A historic castle of digital art flowers and by creative company NAKED, INC.


2023.10.26 - 2023.12.02

(Final admission at 21:00)



Important Cultural Property: Karamon Gate

Projection Mapping "The Sounds of Evening Waiting"

The sound of bell bugs ring out as autumn arrives at Nijo-jo Castle. Autumn leaves, silver grass, and flowers associated with the castle's history, such as the peonies painted on the Karamon Gate, will adorn the main gate and invite visitors to the fantastical world of NAKED FLOWERS at Nijo-jo Castle.

National Treasure: Ninomaru Palace

Ikebana Art "Path of Autumn Lights"

A path of flowers and light depicts autumn flowers and grasses growing from buds lit by moonlight in this "ikebana" piece crafted by the Ikenobo school of flower arrangement.

Special Place of Scenic Beauty: Ninomaru Garden

National Treasure x Projection Mapping "Moonlight Flowers"

In front of the hall of Ninomaru Palace that overlooks the Ninomaru Garden, flowers and grasses rejoice in the arrival of autumn, depicted with delicate yet dynamic beauty through layers of projection mapping and musical instruments.

Inner Moat

Projection Mapping, Interactive Art "Autumn Flowers in Bloom"

The power of the moon fills the air and the "Queen of the Night" flowers, which bloom only for one night, come into bloom. The flowers blossom one after another, transforming Nijo-jo Castle into a vibrant world of flowers that under the moonlit night and reflected on the surface of the water. *Become a contributing part of the art experience with the wearable "LED light FreFlow®" (available for rental for an additional fee).



The Koun-tei, tinted in autumn colors and decorated with graceful sounds, offers a majestic garden scene.

Seiryu-en Garden

Autumn Foliage Light-Up "Path of Autumn Colors"

The crisp autumn breeze envelops the fresh autumn leaves of Seiryu-en Garden in light. Visitors' wearable art will further color the illuminated autumn leaves.

Daidokoro-mae Area

Ikenobo Collaboration Art

This floral artwork is a collaboration between the grand master of the Ikenobo school of ikebana and the flowers of light created by participants. The experience of flower arrangement is reimagined into a participatory art form unique to this modern age.

Daidokoro-mae area

Interactive Art "Playing with Flowers"

Stand in front of the white wall and see a single flower of your own bloom alongside the language of flowers.

Daidokoro-mae area

Projection Mapping and Food & Beverage Area "Hanami Tsukiyo"

Flowers and people dance along to the beautiful music under the moonlight in this moonlit evening party. Enjoy an elegant autumn evening with drinks and sweets made using powdered green tea from renown tea shop Fukujuen.

Daidokoro-mae area

NAKED Hanamikuji®︎

NAKED's original take on the omikuji (paper fortune) experience takes the form of multicolored flowers. Tie your flower fortune to the participatory tree art, or take it home with you as a souvenir! *500 yen per flower fortune (tax included). *We accept cash, PayPay, and credit card payments.


The latest information on theFormer Imperial Villa Nijo-jo Castle

Blooming soon! "NAKED Sakura Festival 2024: World Heritage Site Nijo-jo Castle" is now being held by popular demand.


Enjoy cherry blossom viewing at Nijo Castle even more! Details of Cherry Blossom Filled Food & Beverage Menu & Goods Announced!


Announcing set and premium plans to further enjoy Hanami at Nijo Castle, a World Heritage Site



Event Overview/Access


NAKED FLOWERS 2023 Autumn: World Heritage Site Nijo-jo Castle



October 27 (Fri) - December 3 (Sun), 2023



(Final admission at 21:00)


Former Imperial Villa Nijo-jo Castle
541 Nijojo-cho, Nijo-dori Horikawa Nishi-iru, Nakagyo-ku, Kyoto 604-8301

Admission Fees

*Sales of early bird tickets ended on Thursday, October 26.
Please purchase tickets at the same-day ticket prices.

【Early Bird Discounts】
Middle School Students or Above(Mon~Thu):  1,600JPY/(Fri~Sun & Holidays) 2,000JPY
Elementary School Students(Mon~Thu):  1,000JPY/(Fri~Sun & Holidays) 1,400JPY

【On the Day】
Middle School Students or Above(Mon~Thu):  2,000JPY/(Fri~Sun & Holidays) 2,400JPY
Elementary School Students(Mon~Thu):  1,200JPY/(Fri~Sun & Holidays) 1,600JPY

*Early bird tickets are available for purchase from Sep 22 (Fri)10:00 to Oct 26 (Thurs) 23:59 (JST)

*Entry into the Ninomaru Palace is prohibited during the event.

*To purchase a disabled persons discount, please present one of the following documentations: Physical Disability Certificate, Rehabilitation Certificate, Nursing Certificate, Wounded and Sick Retired Soldiers’ Certificate, Atomic Bomb Victim Health Certificate, Mental Disability Certificate, etc.The above-mentioned document holder and one accompanying caregiver are eligible to receive the discount. Please show the certificate at the entrance ticket gate.

*Please refrain from using monopods or tripods inside the venue.

*Pets are not allowed in the venue.

*Tickets are available from national ticket agencies (Ticket Pia, Lawson Ticket, eplus, CN PlayGuide, Seven Ticket, Rakuten Ticket, kkday, klook) and Seven Eleven, Lawsons, Family Mart, and Ministop stores nationwide.Please check details at the official website.

*Admission is free for children of preschool age and younger.

*Tickets are non-refundable and non-amendable except in the case of suspension or cancellation by the organizer.

*Final admission for this event is at 21:00. Depending on the status of the entry queue, admissions may close before 21:00. Please note that in such case, entry will not be allowed regardless of your ticket type.

*You cannot enter the Nijo-jo Castle with the following admission cards: World Heritage Nijo-jo Castle Donation Privilege Admission Card, Kyoto Citizen Annual Passport.


■NAKED FLOWERS 2023 Autumn Nijo-jo Castle Management Office
*Service Available: Oct 27 (Fri) ~ Dec 3 (Sun)
*Please refrain from contacting the Nijo-jo Castle Office regarding tickets to this event.

From Kyoto Station, take the Karasuma Line subway to "Karasuma Oike Station", then transfer to the Tozai Line subway to "Nijojo-mae Station".
From Kyoto Station, board Kyoto City Bus No.9 or No.50 to "Nijojo-mae".
From Shijo Kawaramachi, board Kyoto City Bus No.12 to "Nijojo-mae".
Roughly 17 minutes away by foot from JR "Nijo Station".


Parking Lot 1
Hours: 8:15〜22:15 (final entry at 21:00)
Capacity: 120 cars
Price: ¥1,050 for first 2 hours plus ¥200 per additional hour

Parking Lot 3
Hours: 8:15〜22:15
Capacity: 20 cars
Price: ¥800 for first 2 hours plus ¥200 per additional hour

Motorbike and bicycle parking
Hours: 8:15〜22:15
Capacity: 10 motorcycles (middle-class and smaller) / 83 bicycles
Price: For motorcycles, ¥400 for first 2 hours plus ¥200 per additional hour / For bicycles, ¥200 for first two hours plus ¥100 per additional hour.


Other Participating Spot

JR Kyoto Station Building Grand Staircase (4F Muromachikoji Square)


2024.03.21 - 2024.03.30

It has also become a hot topic on social networking sites! Naked's participatory artwork of cherry blossoms decorating the grand staircase in time with the sound of a street piano playing.

Heian Jingu Shrine

NAKED YORU MO-DE 2023 Heian Jingu Shrine

2023.11.30 - 2023.12.24

Wrap up the year at Heian Jingu Shrine in an experience surrounded by light and art.

Kyoto City Hall Square

Kyoto Projection Mapping Contest

2023.09.13 - 2023.09.14

Mapping Contest Produces Young Digital Creators in Kyoto

JR Kyoto Station Building Grand Staircase (4F Muromachikoji Square)


2023.10.12 - 2023.10.20

Experience the traditional Japanese culture of "Sado (tea ceremony)" at the gateway to Kyoto! Experience the world of "Chanoyu" through digital art

Kyoto tower

Special Lighting Up of Kyoto Tower


NAKED FLOWERS 2023 Autumn In commemoration of the sale of the World Heritage Nijo Castle and Kyoto Tower Observation Deck set tickets, the first day of the NAKED FLOWERS 2023 will be lit up in a special color.

Hieizan Sakamoto Area

NAKED GARDEN ONE KYOTO 2023 Hieizan Sakamoto

2023.11.02 - 2023.12.02

NAKED’s artistic lanterns and foliage illuminations color the autumn evenings at Hieizan Sakamoto!

Kurodani,Konkai-Komyoji Temple

Kurodani,Konkai-Komyoji Temple Autumn Special Open House

2023.11.14 - 2023.12.02

Coming Soon

Kitano Tenmangu Shrine

Special Lighting Up of Historic site Odoi Momijien

2023.11.10 - 2023.12.02

The maple garden is illuminated, creating a magical world of autumn leaves that is different from that of the daytime.

Ninna-ji Temple

Ninna-ji Temple Sea of Clouds Light-up

2023.10.12 - 2023.12.02

Lighting up the National Treasure Kondo Hall and autumn leaves in the sea of clouds.