Former Imperial Villa Nijo-jo Castle

NAKED Sakura Festival 2024: World Heritage Site Nijo-jo Castle

An artistic hanami experience at a castle of cherry blossoms—


2024.03.07 - 2024.04.06

(Final admission at 21:00)



Important Cultural Property: Karamon Gate

Projection Mapping "Sakura-bayashi"

Projection mapping of the carvings of cranes, Chinese lions, and dragons that adorn the Karamon Gate will appear with a flurry of petals, and transform into a spectacle of cherry blossom in full bloom. The gorgeous architectural beauty of the Karamon Gate welcomes visitors in a spectacular manner.

Minami-mon Gate


The entire castle wall is illuminated with patterns of cherry blossom petals. Lights that resemble flurries of cherry blossoms petals illuminate the ground underfoot, inviting you into the cherry blossom garden.

Cherry Grove

Sakura Illuminations "Hanakagari no Sono"

Enjoy various varieties of cherry blossoms lit up in a garden filled with the notes of traditional Japanese instruments and floral fragrances. The color of the lights will shift, transforming the cherry trees into sights only seen at this time of year.

Inner Moat

Projection Mapping Show "Sakurazukiyo-ezu"

This spectacular projection mapping show features various cherry blossoms and golden wall paintings by the prominent Kano school of Japanese painting. The southern moat of the castle becomes a picturesque sight of dynamic cherry blossom patterns. The 140-meter-long moat will be illuminated by spectacular cherry blossoms and art that reflect the spirit of Nijo Castle's hospitality.



The cherry blossoms, pond, and the Koun-tei are illuminated in cherry blossom colors by lights inspired by the arrival of spring. The reflection of the pavilion in the pond is a superb sight that can only be seen in spring.

Seiryu-en Garden

Sakura Illuminations "Ouka-ranman"

The illumination of the Seiryuen Garden, surrounded by cherry blossoms, evokes the image of a gentle spring breeze passing through. This mystical spatial installation features music, fragrance, and lights to enhance the beauty of Nijo-jo Castle's iconic cherry trees.

Kita Ote-mon Gate

Premium Hanami Area

This luxurious hanami area offers sake and tea to your heart's content at one of the best cherry blossom viewing spots on the Nijo-jo Castle grounds. Relax and enjoy the hospitality that only this premium hanami area can offer, including hanami sake, green tea and Japanese sweets from Kyoto's renowned tea shop Fukujuen, and photo opportunities with samurai. *This area is exclusively available for visitors with premium tickets.

Daidokoro-mae Area

Projection Mapping, Food & Beverage Area "Hanamori no Utage"

Projection mapping displays of a cherry blossom banquet decorates the castle wall. Enjoy Japanese delicacies featuring cherry blossoms and green tea and alcoholic beverages such as sakura-colored beer while relaxing under the cherry blossoms.

Daidokoro-mae Area

Interactive Art "Hana-doki"

An interactive digital artwork that incorporates the various blossoms found on the Nijo-jo Castle grounds. Approach the wall to see your selected sakura bloom on the cherry tree before you. The cherry blossoms in full bloom add color and liveliness to the hanami experience.

Glowing Artworks

NAKED Distance Lanterns®

These artistic lanterns developed by NAKED cast various patterns of light at your feet, transforming each participant into a part of the artistic illuminations of the castle grounds. Prepared for this year's event are five different patterns of five colors each, inspired by five types of cherry blossoms that bloom at Nijo-jo Castle. *Rental fee: 500 yen per lantern (tax incl.) *Payments accepted in cash, PayPay, and credit card.

NAKED Hanamikuji®︎

NAKED's popular ""omikuji"" paper fortunes come in the form of colorful flowers. These flowers can be contributed to a local installation to create a larger floral artwork, or be taken home as a souvenir. Cherry blossom-themed designs will also be available exclusively for this event. *500 yen per piece (tax incl.) *Payments accepted in cash, PayPay, and credit card.


The latest information on theFormer Imperial Villa Nijo-jo Castle

Blooming soon! "NAKED Sakura Festival 2024: World Heritage Site Nijo-jo Castle" is now being held by popular demand.


Enjoy cherry blossom viewing at Nijo Castle even more! Details of Cherry Blossom Filled Food & Beverage Menu & Goods Announced!


Announcing set and premium plans to further enjoy Hanami at Nijo Castle, a World Heritage Site



Event Overview/Access


NAKED Sakura Festival 2024: World Heritage Site Nijo-jo Castle



March 8 (Fri) - April 7 (Sun), 2024

*Open every day throughout the event period (may be canceled due to harsh weather conditions)

*In the unlikely event of cancellation, etc., we will inform you via the event's official X account.

*The event content may be subject to change without notice.



(Final admission at 21:00)


Former Imperial Villa Nijo-jo Castle
541 Nijojo-cho, Nijo-dori Horikawa Nishi-iru, Nakagyo-ku, Kyoto 604-8301

Admission Fees

*Sales of early bird tickets ended on Thursday, March 7.
Please purchase tickets at the regular admission ticket prices.

【Early bird tickets】

Middle School Students or Above(Mon~Thu): 1,600JPY/(Fri~Sun & Holidays)2,000JPY
Elementary School Students(Mon~Thu): 1,000JPY/(Fri~Sun & Holidays)1,400JPY

【Regular admission tickets】

Middle School Students or Above(Mon~Thu): 2,000JPY/(Fri~Sun & Holidays)2,400JPY

Elementary School Students(Mon~Thu): 1,200JPY/(Fri~Sun & Holidays)1,600JPY

【Specific Day tickets 3/23・3/30】

Middle School Students or Above(Early bird tickets) : 2,400JPY/(Regular admission tickets)2,800JPY

Elementary School Students(Early bird tickets) : 1,800JPY(Regular admission tickets)2,000JPY


■NAKED Sakura Festival 2024 Committee
*Service Period: March 8th - April 7th, 2024

From Kyoto Station, take the Karasuma Line subway to "Karasuma Oike Station", then transfer to the Tozai Line subway to "Nijojo-mae Station".
From Kyoto Station, board Kyoto City Bus No.9 or No.50 to "Nijojo-mae".
From Shijo Kawaramachi, board Kyoto City Bus No.12 to "Nijojo-mae".
Roughly 17 minutes away by foot from JR "Nijo Station".


Parking Lot 1
Hours: 8:15〜22:15 (final entry at 21:00)
Capacity: 120 cars
Price: ¥1,050 for first 2 hours plus ¥200 per additional hour

Parking Lot 3
Hours: 8:15〜22:15
Capacity: 20 cars
Price: ¥800 for first 2 hours plus ¥200 per additional hour

Motorbike and bicycle parking
Hours: 8:15〜22:15
Capacity: 10 motorcycles (middle-class and smaller) / 83 bicycles
Price: For motorcycles, ¥400 for first 2 hours plus ¥200 per additional hour / For bicycles, ¥200 for first two hours plus ¥100 per additional hour.


Other Participating Spot

JR Kyoto Station Building Grand Staircase (4F Muromachikoji Square)


2024.03.21 - 2024.03.30

It has also become a hot topic on social networking sites! Naked's participatory artwork of cherry blossoms decorating the grand staircase in time with the sound of a street piano playing.

Heian Jingu Shrine

NAKED YORU MO-DE 2023 Heian Jingu Shrine

2023.11.30 - 2023.12.24

Wrap up the year at Heian Jingu Shrine in an experience surrounded by light and art.

Kyoto City Hall Square

Kyoto Projection Mapping Contest

2023.09.13 - 2023.09.14

Mapping Contest Produces Young Digital Creators in Kyoto

JR Kyoto Station Building Grand Staircase (4F Muromachikoji Square)


2023.10.12 - 2023.10.20

Experience the traditional Japanese culture of "Sado (tea ceremony)" at the gateway to Kyoto! Experience the world of "Chanoyu" through digital art

Kyoto tower

Special Lighting Up of Kyoto Tower


NAKED FLOWERS 2023 Autumn In commemoration of the sale of the World Heritage Nijo Castle and Kyoto Tower Observation Deck set tickets, the first day of the NAKED FLOWERS 2023 will be lit up in a special color.

Hieizan Sakamoto Area

NAKED GARDEN ONE KYOTO 2023 Hieizan Sakamoto

2023.11.02 - 2023.12.02

NAKED’s artistic lanterns and foliage illuminations color the autumn evenings at Hieizan Sakamoto!

Kurodani,Konkai-Komyoji Temple

Kurodani,Konkai-Komyoji Temple Autumn Special Open House

2023.11.14 - 2023.12.02

Coming Soon

Kitano Tenmangu Shrine

Special Lighting Up of Historic site Odoi Momijien

2023.11.10 - 2023.12.02

The maple garden is illuminated, creating a magical world of autumn leaves that is different from that of the daytime.

Ninna-ji Temple

Ninna-ji Temple Sea of Clouds Light-up

2023.10.12 - 2023.12.02

Lighting up the National Treasure Kondo Hall and autumn leaves in the sea of clouds.